Car Repairs in Dripping Springs

Top Three Most Common Car Repairs in Dripping Springs

The top car repairs may not be what you think they are. Here are the three most common car repairs in Dripping Springs.

1. Oxygen Sensor Replacement

The oxygen sensor in your car monitors how much unburned oxygen is in the exhaust as it exits the engine. It tells the car’s computer if it’s burning less oxygen or more oxygen than it needs for ideal operation. While it may seem like it should be a do-it-yourself repair, many of the sensors in cars have a special cover that requires a certain tool. It may be difficult to get to yourself, but your mechanic should have no problem doing the replacement.

2. Loose Fuel Cap

You may think this a problem that could be left on the back burner, but you are wrong. This could be one reason why your check engine light is on. Left unattended, it costs car owners money by decreasing their gas mileage!

CarMD has even stated that missing or looses caps cause 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate every year. Lucky for you, this is a cheap and easy fix.

3. Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement

The mass airflow sensor measures the air supplied to the engine. It ultimately determines how much fuel should be delivered to the engine. A new sensor can cost around $400. However, you can take preventative measures. Changing your air filter is inexpensive and saves you down the line.

Staying on top of the problems are an important part expanding the life of your car. Frequent checkups and oil changes save you the big bucks down the line. Schedule an appointment today.

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